Through the Eyes of a Friend

Jan 27 | 10:15 am - 1:15 am | Free
Location: Pompano Beach Cultural Center

See the world of Anne Frank Through The Eyes of a Friend. Witness the pain, loss and hope of young people during the Holocaust. This moving 45-minute theatrical program is a poignant portrait of friendship and survival, brought to life through the eyes of Anne Frank's "best friend" in honor of Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Through The Eyes of a Friend is the story of Sarah Weis, the daughter of an average German family forced to move to Holland when the Nazis come to power. In Holland, Sarah becomes friends with Anne Frank. When Anne and Sarah are teenagers, the Nazis invade Holland.

The story follows Sarah as she hides for two years in the basement of a clock store until she is discovered and sent to the Westerbork prison camp. At Westerbork, Sarah is reunited with Anne. After a few weeks, Sarah and the Franks are put on a train to Auschwitz.

In Auschwitz, Sarah and Anne are tattooed with numbers, shaved, and forced to stand in the cold for long roll calls before beginning their day of forced labor. The men are separated from their families and Anne becomes ill. After a few months Anne, her sister Margot, and Sarah are shipped to another camp called Bergen-Belsen.

In Bergen-Belsen, both Anne's and Margot's health grows worse. Margot becomes so weakened that she dies from a fall; days later, Anne dies from typhoid.

At the end of the war, Sarah is liberated and reunited with her brother. Living a new life in America, Sarah is sent a copy of Anne's diary. Sarah learns that she must never forget; through memory, her friend lives on.

Through the Eyes of a Friend